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Greco di Tufo

Greco di Tufo

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Greco di Tufo's growing reputation is entirely due to its all-round qualities. The Greco grape is originally from Greece, but has been cultivated since Roman times in Campania. The chalky soil of this region is also evident in the wine, which combines a beautiful structure with pleasant mineral notes and a perfumed bouquet. These characteristics combined have made it into one of the very few white DOCG wines in Southern Italy.
Our wine is made exclusively from the Greco grape, has a bright straw-yellow colour with a beautiful light mineral aroma, hints of pear, peach and some citrus, with good acidity. Altogether a very balanced wine. The fruit tones remain in the background with a slightly bitter aftertaste, recalling almonds.


Production zone is Chianche, in the province of Avellino. The soil is calcareous clay. Our Greco grapes grow in vineyards on slopes at an altitude of some 650 meters above sea level, on relatively poor soil of volcanic origin, with many minerals and a relatively dry microclimate. This allows this native grape to produce a wine with great body and extract.


The harvest takes place from the second week of October, and only by hand. Extra-long skin contact after vinification of this wine has given it a range of different (tropical) flavours, with enough acidity for balance. The grapes are cold soaked for 12 hours, then slowly squeezed in a press machine. This is followed by a fermentation of 15 days at a temperature of 18 ˚C. The wine is bottled in the spring following the harvest, after which it rests in the bottle for another 2 or 3 months before it is ready for consumption.

The grape, history and denomination

Greco di Tufo received the DOCG status in 2003. This wine from an ancient grape variety, Greco, is produced in the province of Avellino, and is less fruity but more mineral-rich than the Fiano di Avellino. The wine must contain at least 85% Greco, but may be supplemented with Coda di Volpe bianca. Our Greco is 100% from the Greco variety.
Its Italian origin is in the province of Avellino, where it was probably imported by the Hellenes (ancient Greeks), even before the foundation of Rome. From here, the Greco grape travelled further in Italy, however without ever reaching the highest denomination of DOCG as it has here in Irpinia.

Food combinations and serving suggestion

As an aperitif, accompanying starters and dishes with fish, shellfish, risotto with seafood  or ‘funghi porcini’ (porcini mushrooms), white meat, lobster and soft, fresh cheeses as well as vegetable dishes. Serving temperature: 8˚C - 10˚C. This wine is generally drunk between one and four years after the harvest, even though it withstands the test of time really well.