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Our Marinese extra-virgin olive oil

Our Marinese olives provide an outstandingly smooth olive oil, with a mellow and soft taste. It can have a light almond flavour with clear notes of herbs and has a very low acidity level of below 0.2%. The colour is golden-yellow.
This delicate extra-virgin olive oil is derived from the cold-pressing of the best Marinese olives grown on the hills of the Le Masciare Estate, in the countryside near the town of Paternopoli (province of Avellino).

About the Marinese variety

This olive variety is not very common, and not to be mistaken for the more widely known Ogliarolo olive. It is a local variety, and thrives particularly well in the elevated area around Paternopoli, where the combination of chalky and volcanic terrain and climate provide an excellent foundation for a great olive oil. The fruit is green to purplish in colour (depending on maturity) and is small to medium-sized. Mildly fruity and only slightly bitter in taste, this olive has a low to moderate production yield of around 15%. It ripens at the beginning of October.


The mild, smooth and subtle character of this oil is generally very appreciated by consumers not accustomed to bitter and more pungent oils. It is fruity with light notes of bitter almonds and tomatoes, and a hint of spiciness. 


Even though all our olive oils are bottled in dark green glass to protect them from light and preserve their qualities, we recommend you keep them in a cool, dry dark place (not too cold, as oil starts to solidify at around 7˚C). Marinese oil has a good shelf-life, however it is best to consume within 1-2 years after purchase to benefit from the products’ best qualities.

Food combinations

Due to its smooth character, it adds depth to virtually any dish. Particularly recommendable however is using it for seasoning raw and cooked vegetables, light cheeses, fish and to cook thin soups.

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