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November 2011: Our 2010 Fiano di Avellino DOCG, called 'Anbra', is awarded the "Quattro Grappoli" (Four Grapes) from the AIS Bibenda 2012 guide, published by the Italian Association of Sommeliers. The "Three Grappoli" (Three Grapes) award goes instead to our 2008 Barbassano IGT and 2010 Greco di Tufo DOCG.
October 2011: The 2011 harvest ended succesfully! It has been an exceptional year for our wines: low quantities, because of little rainfall, but a very high quality vintage: reportedly the best since 1940!

February 2018: We are immensely proud to launch our new Rosé Spumante V.S.Q. Brut! This new sparkling wine is made 100% from aglianico grapes using a long version of the Charmat method (over six months). Try it and let us know your favourite food pairing!

January 2018: Le Masciare is expanding further, with the acquisition of 1,3 hectares of century-old olive groves and (future) vineyards, located directly next to our winery.

April 2017: in addition to our booth in the Irpinia part of the Campania pavilion of Vinitaly this year, we will be participating in the Spring tasting with the key clients of our Dutch importer, Well of Wine, in The Hague, The Netherlands on April 3rd. We look forward to helping Hans and Cathy expand our presence in Dutch restaurants, wine bars and other specialty stores.

February 2017: this month Le Masciare has acquired 8.2 hectares of vineyards and olive groves located directly around the winery, further preparing the company for quality growth in the coming years.

November 2016: we are very proud to have received our first review from James Suckling (www.jamessuckling.com) for our Taurasi 2010 (94 pts), Fiano di Avellino 2015 (91pts) and our Greco di Tufo 2015 (90pts).

October 2016: every vintage brings both challenges and opportunities. Given this year’s season we have decided to harvest a selection of our aglianico grapes earlier, both to further enhance the quality of the remaining grapes as well as to make our very first Aglianico Rosé. Be on the lookout for the still and sparkling versions coming out in mid-2017!

October 2016: Ginger (www.gingersaporiesalute.com) the renowned restaurant in the centre of Rome, has just opened another flagship restaurant at a stone’s throw from the Pantheon, on Piazza Sant’Eustachio. When in Rome, we can highly recommend visiting their spectacularly beautiful place to try our full range of wines and olive oil.

March 2016: Our Ravece organic extravirgin olive oil wins the ‘Tre foglie 2016’ award by the Gambero Rosso in its Olive Oil of Italy guide. Also, the Ravece is recognised as ‘Olio Slow’ in the olive oil 2016 guide published by Slow Food.

October 2015: our first harvest under the guidance of Emiliano has just been completed. The first results are promising, this year's abundance of sun combined with little rain will likely give us aromatic whites with a beautiful structure, and powerful reds with exceptional aging potential. 2015 will be a wine year to remember! 

May 2015: We are very proud to announce a collaboration with renowned enologist Emiliano Falsini, and we look greatly forward to making the next steps together in what is simply a fascinating sector. 

March 2015: after almost 5 years of expanding our winery, we have completed the project. From a new road through our vineyards and olive groves, to a large underground cellar, a big expansion of the facilities above ground, solar pannels.... Come to think of it.....: why don't you come and take a look for yourself?

March 2015: Vinitaly this year was much better visited, and particularly the Irpinia pavillion where we have a stand each year had great footfall. So much interest for Greco, Fiano, Taurasi, the world is finally starting to get to know our wines, great!

October 2014: from 19-23 October we'll be present at the SIAL fair in Paris with our own stand. This is one of the most important Food fairs.

June 2014: Le Masciare winery takes a small stand at the London Wine Fair in early June. A very competitive market, where we are not present as of yet.  

April 2014: This month with the Vinitaly fair Verona is once again the centre of the world of Italian and international wine lovers, where we will have a stand, this time in the Avellino pavillion. For the first time we are participating also in an important event in the USA: the World Wine Meetings in Chicago in the Lakefront Hotel to expand our presence in the United States.

March 2014: Destination: Chengdu (China)! Le Masciare winery is going into the heart of China to lend a hand to our new importer during the China Food and Drinks Fair, to let people know about the great products Irpinia has to offer.

March 2014: The elevator that brings visitors directly into our beautiful new underground wine cellar has just been installed.  

March 2014: The renown English wine magazine Decanter has just given our Fiano di Avellino 2012 90 points and our Greco di Tufo 2012 87 points! Much appreciated.

November 2013: This year we will be present for the first time at the Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Fair, one of Asia’s biggest fairs. In the coming months our wines will be present in China as well!

November 2013: The olive harvest has confirmed it: a wonderful year for both great quality and abundancy in quantity. We have high expectations for the Ravece oil in the guides of 2014.

October 2013: The harvest has finished, including for the first time also grapes of our new white wine, a blend between mainly Coda di Volpe e Fiano. 

April 2013: This is the month of the big wine fairs for us: this year we had a stand in both Vinitaly (Verona, Italy), as well as Expovinis (Sao Paolo, Brazil). This second is the most important wine fair in Latin America. In the next couple of months you will be able to find our products also in Canada, California and Brazil!

March 2013:The organic extravergin Ravece olive-oil of Le Masciare winery receives the Gold Medal of the International Prize BIOL 2013.

January 2013:  The official start of the expansion of our cantine has started: the creation of an over 200m2 subterranean wine cellar, the expansion of our 'cantina' and the installation of over 500m2 of solar pannels are just a few of the things we are working on!

December 2012: We have just signed a long-term lease on 6,5 hectares of aglianico vineyards and Ravece and Marinese olive groves in an excellent position in the vicinity of our existing vineyards near Paternopoli, AV.

October 2012:  The 2012 harvest ended succesfully! It has been another exceptional year for our wines. In addition, the Association of Italian Sommeliers has awarded "Four Grapes" to all our wines - a great recognition!

September 2012: Publishing of the new Christmas gift catalogue on our website. Please contact us for any tailoring of your Christmas gifts!

September 2012: Le Masciare's offering widens with new organic 'pomodori di collina' (small tomatoes) and passata di pomodorini (tomato sauce)!

August 2012: Get ready for a taste sensation: we have just made the delicious Pear, Ginger and Cinnamon marmelade. Contact us for more info.

July 2012: Le Masciare winery is going oversees: we have started a promising collaboration with Swiss Cellars of Mount Horeb, WI. Swiss cellars is our importer for the States of Wisconsin and Illinois.

June 2012: Want to spice up your palate or kick-start your dishes? Try our new Extra-Virgin Olive Oils with Basilic, Peperoncino (hot peppers), Rosmarin and Lemon.

April 2012: Vinitaly: our stand in the Campania hall was very well visited, many thanks for all the interest, and until next year!

March 2012: We have just started a new collaboration with M. Langner AG, of Ostelsheim, Germany.

March 2012: Our olive oils have won many prices for their organoleptic qualities. This is the first time however, that we are also getting a price for the packaging: The first price of Biolabel for the most beautiful label! Many thanks to our creative design friends!


December 2011: Start of our collaboration with another Danish wine distributor: Vinstouw, of Herning, Denmark.


December 2011: First vintage of our VinCotto, a dense wine syrup made of our aglianico grapes, great on aged cheeses!

December 2011: We have reached an agreement for the long term lease of an ideally-positioned piece of land in Lapio - the best place for Fiano.

November 2011: Our 2010 Fiano di Avellino DOCG, called 'Anbra', is awarded the "Quattro Grappoli" (Four Grapes) from the AIS Bibenda 2012 guide, published by the Italian Association of Sommeliers. The "Three Grappoli" (Three Grapes) award goes instead to our 2008 Barbassano IGT and 2010 Greco di Tufo DOCG.

October 2011: The 2011 harvest ended succesfully! It has been an exceptional year for our wines: low quantities, because of little rainfall, but a very high quality vintage: reportedly the best since 1940!

April 2011: Another phase of our project to become completely energy self-sufficient has been completed, with the installation and connection to the energy net, enabling us to send excessive energy back into the energy net. Next step: installation of solar panels! 

7-11 April 2011: Le Masciare winery again present at Vinitaly in Verona. Busy but inspiring days.

March 2011: Both SlowFood and Gambero Rosso give us with their highest award for our extra-virgin Ravece olive oil: 'Three Olives' and 'Three Leaves' respectively. Our Marinese extra-virgin olive oil receives 'One Olive' recognition from SlowFood and 'One Leaf' of Gambero Rosso. 

March 2011: We have justed started a new collaboration with Torsted Vin, of Horsens, Denmark.

February 2011: Our wines will be available in stores and restaurants in the Dutch market now as well, through our collaboration with Wielinga Wijnkopers in Leeuwarden.

January 2011: The 10 new medium-toasted tonneaux (500 liters each) have arrived. Made of French oak, they will house our Taurasi DOCG 2010 for at least 12 months, after being transferred for another 12 months to larger oak barrels or 'botte'.

October/November 2010: The months of the picking and pressing of our Marinese olives (this year from October 20th) and our Ravece olives (this year from November 6th). A feast of scents, aromas and taste!

October 2010: At Le Masciare winery it's time for the grape harvest! Everybody has been busy hand-picking the best of our Aglianico, Fiano and Greco grapes. The long days were followed by evenings filled with traditional music, dance and local dishes. 

July 2010: Le Masciare winery optimises production with the purchase of new steel tanks with a capacity of 100 quintals each for the upcoming harvest.

May 2010: Our Olio di Ravece is awarded the Two Olives Award by Slowfood with the special recommendation "Olio d'emozione".

8 to 12 April 2010: Le Masciare winery goes for the first time ever to Vinitaly! Italy's most important wine fair.

January 2010: Le Masciare winery opens a commercial office in Rome.