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Organics and sustainability

Our main values

Next to producing the highest quality products we can, one of our main values as a company is to respect the earth in producing our products. We believe that it is simply better for everybody to make our activities a bit greener every day.

Organic processes

In our day-to-day work this means that we use no pesticides and other chemicals at all in all our organic products. Examples of these are our olive oils, marmelades and tomato sauces. We are certified as a company producing organic products through our CCPB certification, giving you as a customer certainty that you get products that are produced in a responsible way.

Integrated Pest Management

For all our not-organically certified products (mainly our wines) we use 'lotta integrata' or integrated pest management. This results in a dramatic decrease in the amount of chemical treatments per year, and it therefore rightly classified as a 'sustainable' practice.  

Energy efficiency and solar power

What else do we do? We have installed solar panels on the roof of our winery which provide over two-thirds of the energy consumed in our company. 

Rainwater collection and water use

We have installed a rainwater collection reservoir, which is then used for watering the vegetation around the winery and the cleaning of the tractor and other outdoor equipment (we intentionally do not irrigate our olive groves and vines!). 

Biomass and heating

We have acquired a machine that allows us to transform biological materials, such as wood and leaves coming from pruning our olive trees and vines, into pellets. These pellets are then used to heat the houses that are part of the winery.