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Our Ravece extra-virgin oil

The Ravece olive variety used to produce this extra-virgin olive oil is particularly appreciated for its quality and organoleptic characteristics. It is a product of excellence. The strict use of only Ravece olives, coupled with craftsmanship and experience, results in a superior olive oil with an extremely low level of acidity (normally 0.13-0.16% at bottling). It distinguishes itself from other Ravece olive oils as it is one of the very few that is 100% made of pure Ravece olives. It has a long shelf-life and clear green colour, turning into golden yellow in the two months following pressing.


Our olive oil has received various awards over the last few years. It has been awarded three olives by Slowfood in various years, has repeatedly received the first price for organic olive oil of Premio Internazionale BIOL for the Campania region, and is generally perceived as a product of the highest standards. 
We are grateful for all the appreciation that our olive oil has received over the years, and hope you will enjoy it as much as other clients have!

About the Ravece variety

The Ravece olive is an ancient variety, and native to Irpinia since the early 500’s. It is also known by several other names; Olivona, Curatone and Ravaiola. It is almost exclusively produced in the province of Avellino in the Southern Italian region of Campania. The harvested fruit has a green to vinous red to purplish black colour (depending on maturity). It’s considered a precious olive, prized for its organoleptic characteristics.


Our Ravece extra-virgin olive oil is fruity to the smell, with pleasant herbal notes and a scent of tomatoes and artichoke. Its flavour is marked by intense but always pleasant and balanced bitter and spicy sensations.

With a strong, full but balanced structure, it has an unusually low level of acidity (generally 0.13-0.16% at bottling), and very high levels of polyphenols, which distinguishes it from most other extra-virgin oils. It has a clear green colour directly after harvesting, gradually turning into a golden yellow. If it is conserved well it maintains its characteristics for a long time (please see 'Storing' for more details).


Even though all our olive oils are bottled in dark green glass to protect them from light and preserve their qualities, we recommend you keep them in a cool, dry dark place (not too cold, as the oil starts solidifying at around 7˚C). Ravece oil has a long shelf-life, however it is best to consume within 2 years after purchase to benefit from the products’ best qualities.

Food combinations

This oil with its rich, concentrated scent adds a depth of flavour to many recipes. It is a perfect addition to soups and pastas, marinated seafood, carpaccio, grilled fish, grilled and roasted meats, as well as legumes and vegetable courses. In general, it is a fresh dressing to accompany the Mediterranean cuisine. Italians often use the Ravece olive oil to dress salads, fish or fresh cheeses such as mozzarella.

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