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This wine is a blend of two autochthonous grapes of our region, the Coda Di Volpe (or ‘Fox tail’, 70%), and the Fiano grape (30%). The name of the main grape comes from the Latin "Cauda Vulpium", as a result of the characteristic shape of the grape bunch, being very similar to that of a fox’s tail. Agronomically speaking the Coda di Volpe vine is not very vigorous and produces moderate levels of grapes. The grapes are mature in the first half of October, at which they contain high sugar levels and medium acidity. Pale lemon in colour with greenish reflections, it has rich and intense scents of fruit and flowers. Fresh and soft to the palate, it has tones of citrus fruits and quince. For more information on the Fiano grape, please visit the specific page on this website dedicated to our Fiano di Avellino.


The terrain is calcareous clay of vulcanic origin, rich in minerals. Our Coda di Volpe vines grow in the hills surrounding Paternopoli (province of Avellino), in sloped vinyards at an altitude of 550 metres above sea level. The micro-climate is relatively dry, with large differences between the temperature during the day and night. This enables this autochthonous vine to produce a wine with a lovely body. 

Vinification process

The harvest – exclusively by hand - takes place in the first two weeks of October. The grapes are then soaked for 12 hours at a temperature of 10˚C, after which they are pressed slowly. This is followed by a fermentation of 15 days at a temperature of 18˚C. The wine is bottled in the spring following the harvest. After bottling the wine matures 2 months in the bottle before being released on the market.

History of the grape

Ancient white grape variety that has spread throughout the whole of Campania, and finds its highest expression in Irpinia. Cultivated since Roman times, the Coda di Volpe is a medium-vigorous vine with a medium-late maturity.

Food combinations and serving suggestions

A wine for the whole meal, it accompanies fresh pasta, fresh summer salads and light dishes. Also very suitable as an aperitif. Serving temperature: 8˚C - 10˚C. This wine is drunk young, preferably within three years.