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Territory - Irpinia

Irpirnia has a proud tradition of producing high-quality olive-oils such as Ravece and Marinese and wines such as Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Taurasi (made from Aglianico grapes), the latter three all classified as DOCG. The area's terroir provides the optimal conditions for these ancient olives and grapes, which have been part of the landscape for centuries. The volcanic soils of the region demonstrate the potential the Aglianico grape has to make wines on par with the Nebbiolo grape of Piedmont and Sangiovese grape of Tuscany. The popularity of the region's wine is a relatively recent phenomenon. The vineyards may be located within the boundaries of selected communes in Irpinia, among which Paternopoli, where you can find our winery. The total area is limited to about 420 hectares.

The territory is largely mountainous, with an intricate network of hills and valleys and predominantly limestone soil. To the west, however, the rocks are mostly sandstone, and the land is lower. Irpinia is centred on the section of the Apennines which runs from the Sella di Ariano to the springs of the Sele River; the highest peak is Mount Avella (1,591 m). To the south are the Picentini Mountains, which include the highest peak of the region, Mount Terminio (1,783 m), and from which the Sorrentine peninsula extends. The region is bordered on the east by the Ofanto valley and the San Pietro lake, while to the north it merges with Sannio (Benevento) and Daunia.

Vigneti - Vineyards

Our wines are produced in the heart of each denomination. That means that the grapes for our red wines (Aglianico, Campi Taurasini and Taurasi) are grown in various vineyards (mostly directly owned by us or otherwise through a long-term rental agreement) surrounding Paternopoli. Our Fiano di Avellino comes from two vineyards in the famous Arianiello area around Lapio, and our Greco di Tufo from one of the highest vineyards of the area of Chianche, which is one of the 8 small towns that are part of the Greco di Tufo DOCG denomination.  

Contrada Barbassano

These are the vineyards directly adjacent to the winery, and are primarily intended for our Aglianico and Campi Taurasini wines. They are located at an altitude of 460-480 meters a.s.l. We are currently experimenting with organic agriculture in several of the vineyards located here. Altogether, these cover approximately 4 hectares of terrain.

Contrada Rupone

This vineyard is composed of about 4 hectares of vineyards, the majority of which is Aglianico, and with some vines of the Coda di Volpe white wine as well. Furthermore, there are many olive trees and several fruit trees. Contrada Rupone is located approximately 5 minutes by car from our winery in another well-suited area near Paternopoli.

This vineyard also contains one of the oldest vines in the region, estimated to be well over 150 years old. It is a beauty, and each year still bears grapes!

Contrada Salice

This vineyard is our most prestigious, and is reserved for our Taurasi wine. It is composed of over 3 hectare of pristine vineyards in what is one of the best locations in the area.

Contrada Arianiello

Fiano lovers are already very familiar with this area in Lapio, as it is probably the most well-suited location for the making of the elegant Fiano di Avellino DOCG. With both an excellent exposition and vines that are over 30 years old, this vineyard is expected to continue to give us much satisfaction in the years to come. Altitude is slightly below 600 meters a.s.l.

Località Chianche

This vineyard in the area of Chianche, which is one of the 8 small towns that are part of the Greco di Tufo DOCG denomination, over the past years has given us a distinct Greco, with its own character and taste. Both mineral and with a decided freshness, it has been much appreciated by experts. This is the only vineyard that uses the ‘Canopy’ system and is not in rows using the vertical shoot system. The vines are among the older ones in the area, and have been planted at least 40-50 years ago. This vineyard has a size of approximately 4 hectares and has a higher elevation (around 650 meters above sea level) in comparison to our other vineyards. This means more work in terms of removing foilage and green harvesting to ensure the grapes reach maturation, but our efforts are rewarded through healthier grapes than in the surrounding, lower vineyards, and the resulting wine is of great character.

Uliveti – Olive groves

Our olive groves are divided into two areas, both in the immediate vicinity of Paternopoli.

Contrada Barbassano

This olive grove is composed of approximately 1,000 trees, most of which are more than 100 years old. The grove covers about 4 hectares of terrain. About one third of the grove is composed of trees of the Ravece variety, and about two-thirds of the Marinese variety. This olive grove has been organically managed and certified for over 10 years. Altitude: approximately 480 meters a.s.l.

Contrada Rupone

This olive grove is somewhat smaller, and composed of over 400 trees over an area of about 1,5 hectares. It is located next to one of our Aglianico and Coda di Volpe vineyards. This olive grove has been planted shortly before WWII, in 1938. The grove is a mix of trees of the Marinese and Ravece varieties. In 2012 we have started the practice for conversion from traditional to organic farming for this olive grove, meaning that from end 2015 this olive grove will also be officially certified as organic.