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Tomato puree

Tomato puree

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Our Tomato Puree

Our passata di pomodoro, or tomato puree is a great base for sauces. It is available in two types: with or without small whole tomatoes in the sauce. Produced from tomatoes grown on small-scale, non-irrigated terrain, they are harvested, peeled and canned without adding any preservatives. Simply 100% sun-ripened tomato, guaranteeing you both a great flavour and a healthy product.


All our tomatoes come from the uncontaminated Irpinian hills, where they are still picked, peeled, washed and potted by hand. They come from a low productivity terrain and as a consequence have a concentrated flavour. The small-scale in which they are produced guarantee you something special, setting it apart from intensive industrial production. The passata contains Pomodori di collina (‘ciliegini’), which are small tomatoes with a deep red colour and compact, savoury pulp, some added salt, and without any sugar, preservatives or colorants.


Simply as tomatoes should taste. Pure and simple. A good source of antioxidant nutrients and vitamins A and C. 


Once opened, our tomatoes will remain totally sumptuous for 72 hours, if refrigerated.

Food combinations

Ideally suited for the preparation of sauces for the traditional Mediterranean kitchen, providing a fresh and delicate flavour. Particularly great on bruschetta, as a base for pizza's or in tomato-based pasta sauces, recommendable in combination with onions, garlic, basil or oregano.
Italian tomatoes just taste better. The sun, soil and tomato varieties provide you with the finest tomatoes in the world. Just give them a try.
Our goal is to preserve the most treasured foods of a great Italian culinary past, which is why Le Masciare is very proud to be able to add passata di pomodoro to our small selection of traditional products.