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The winery

A limited production of high-quality products. That's what characterizes Le Masciare winery.

Nestled in volcanic foothills and surrounded by century-old olive oil trees, our vineyards offer some of Southern Italy’s most ancient grape varieties. The wines are an expression of the Campania region and reflect the personal journey of the owners, two young families that left the city to settle in the rocky terrain of Irpinia. This hilly territory has a calling for the production of quality wines and oils, due to its micro-climate and particular geological conditions, and is home to three of Southern Italy’s DOCG wines.

Established in the early 2000s, Le Masciare estate is conducted with a eye on traditions and the maximum respect for the environment, as reflected by the use of organic as well as integrated, ecologically-sound pest management practises. Le Masciare’s founders, two young families sharing a passion for nature and a drive to make purely natural products, decided to focus on the local grape varieties, naturally resistant to the adversities of climate and biotic pests.

The estate, covering 20 hectares in Irpinia, produces the Aglianico purple red grape – often referred to as the 'Nebbiolo of the South'. This ruby red heavyweight has fiery tannins and a firm structure which allow it to age beautifully, and is expressed in three different versions: the Aglianico, the Campi Taurasini (selection of the best grapes) and the Taurasi (12-18 months in oak). The red Aglianico is complemented by a white blend of mainly Coda di Volpe (our white 'house wine' called Settepietre), as well as the cultivation of the Fiano di Avellino – the most elegant of Southern Italy’s white wines - and the Greco di Tufo – its all-round mineral-rich brother. To round it off, we produce a limited quantity of great extra-virgin olive oils. Each year, the harvest is carried out with consummate expertise and love, under the careful supervision and hands of the founders of the wine estate.

Where we are

The Le Masciare olive-oil and wine estate is located in the hills surrounding Paternopoli, a small town in the heart of Irpinia (in the central region of Campania). This is a land with a profound calling to the creation of quality oils and wines, and is also where the region's only three DOCG wines are grown. Irpinia's unique, indigenous grape and olive varieties make up all of Le Masciare's land.

Who we are

Erik, as the resident Dutchman has been involved in the company since 2009, both as co-owner and responsible for sales abroad. He has a background in the financial world, but after a few years already decided his love was elsewhere: in great wines. Together with Virna, his wife, he decided to accept the challenge to build out the existing, small winery and olive oil estate internationally, and they have been travelling the world telling about the great products that this region and Le Masciare have to offer! If you are interested in our products, he and Virna are the people to contact.

Favorite Le Masciare product: the Taurasi red wine. I love the fact that even though this ‘Riserva’ has aged for twelve months in new oak barrels, it is not overbearing as you so often see with wood-aged wines.’

Arjen, a lifelong wine passionate, is co-owner of Le Masciare. He comes from a range of managerial positions and his broad experience has been of great use to the company. His statement ”Never ever any concession on quality or character” ensures that Masciare will always operate with a long term focus on making the best wine. Furthermore, being always critical of any wine's drinkability, Arjen voluntarily functions as a pleasant participant of our wine tasting panel.


Favorite Le Masciare productthe Spumante. Not sweet, nor acid - but the noble middle way just in between, with sparkling bubbles and a beautiful golden color.


Virna, part of the company since 2009 as co-owner, has been the secret commercial and administrative driving force.

Moreover she maintains relations with our clients the world over, and is always thinking of the next way to make Le Masciare stand out.

It is also her creativity and dedication that have made our packaging as distinctive as it is.

Favorite Le Masciare product: ‘Fiano di Avellino! It is both mineral and fruity, and I love it as an aperitif after a hard day’s work’.

Emiliano is our external wine expert, always available and often present in the winery. He is a renowned oenologist who has worked all over the world and currently advises a number of important wineries across Italy.

The awards he has received for his work are numerous, and he is particularly praised for preserving the unique character of each wine, while avoiding to render them homogenous.

Favorite Le Masciare product: ‘Paternopoli is really in the heart of the Aglianico-Taurasi area, so any red wine would be a good choice.’   

Mirco as our agronomist is responsible for the management and control of the land (olive yards, vineyards, our fruit trees, etc). Together with Caterina and Michele he decides what possible actions to take to keep our terrains and plants healthy, while always respecting the organic or integrated pest management approaches.

Favorite Le Masciare product: ‘The Marinese olive oil. What I love about it, is that you can’t find it anywhere anymore, and also that it is a very smooth, but at the same time powerful oil, that really gives extra depth to any plate.’

Michele is Le Masciare’s day-to-day winery manager. If you see the lights in the winery still burning at 23.00hrs, it will likely be him making sure that everything is going well. He makes sure that the olive oil has been pressed within a few hours of the harvest, is still the only person working for Le Masciare who is able to harvest olives for a whole day (it's hard work!), and can basically repair everything mechanic. 

Favorite Le Masciare product: ‘The sauce of local hot peppers. We only make a few jars of them a year, but it is just too tasty to add a bit on the pasta.’